Why Apostles Now? (Hard Copy) — Ernest Gentile



Ernest Gentile has given us another excellent book dealing with the spiritual leadership gift of “apostle” in the body of Christ.


Why Apostles Now? is a landmark book that deserves to be read by every devoted follower of Christ today.  From the dual perspective of both a thorough
researcher and veteran practitioner Ernest Gentile calls today’s church to powerful, rapid advance through apostolic leadership.  Your life and ministry will be forever enriched by absorbing the insights of this timely book. 
— David Shibley, Founder of Global Advance

As the apostolic movement develops, the literature continues to increase both in quantity and quality.  I am delighted that Ernest Gentile has stepped up to the plate, and, drawing on his well-honed research skills, has given us a superb textbook on apostolic ministry.  An outstanding feature of Why Apostles Now? is the presentation of the different views of those who have addressed each of the major issues along with a fair analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of each.  I strongly recommend this book. — C. Peter Wagner, Vice President and Apostolic Ambassador, Global Spheres, Inc.


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