Print Services

Copy Editing

Our staff can preview your literary work and provide you with valuable copy editing services to help you formalize and prepare your final work for market. With our expertise, your work will display a clean, professional, smooth flow for your readers.

Proof Reading

We provide industry standard proof-reading services for our clients when requested. You may well know “spell-checking” features on your favorite word processing program never catch all the errors in a larger document…. We have a variety of methods we employ to insure your literary work is correct, and ready to be published.

ISBN + Copyright

Our publishing services include the allocation of an ISBN number on the back cover of your book. Whether your book is being re-published with us, or this is your first printing, a fresh ISBN number is essential for your masterpiece!! Why do we strongly encourage the placement of an ISBN number to your work.

Cover Design

Our team of Graphic Artists can help you fully express the vision you have for the cover design of the book you are going to print, or provide fresh new design ideas and concepts if you are undecided about what you want. Our goal is to capture the vision and essence of the work, and bring that to life.