What In The World Was God Thinking? – Kirk L. Hartness


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In “What in the World Was Cod Thinking?” author Kirk Hartness crystalizes a twenty-year journey of inquiry into life’s ultimate questions. Among them: If God exists and is good and allpowerful, “what is this craziness we call human life really all about? What in the world was God thinking when he created the world and put people in the Garden of Eden?”

These existential, overarching questions, he argues, lead to three of the most important ones we ask on a personal level: Where did I come from? Where am I going? And Why am I here? Kirk Hartness asserts that the answers to all three may be found only in God.

In Hartness’s words, “What do you value? Where did you acquire your values? Do these values lead to a consistent worldview that enables you to arrive at intelligent decisions and make sense of your existence? This book is designed to lead us through the process of answering these ultimate questions, as we look backward at our life and strain forward toward what that life
may hold in the future:’


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