Untwisted – Loves First Language — E-Book


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  • OFFERS fresh insight into two of life’s realities – iniquity & redemption
  • UNMASKS both what and why the power and presence of iniquity has done to twist and pervert your identity.
  • OPENS the truth that God can redeem anything, taking you back before your birth and offering a new perspective of your life experiences and your destiny.
  • CHALLENGES existing norms and perceptions by telling real stories of real people (each unusual and unique) and causing your understanding of redemption to grow as you embrace life from what has often been a missing perspective.
  • PORTRAYS Father-God in ways you may have never known, empowering you to love God as you experience the never-ending reality of his love.
  • RELEASES the power to live free of life’s bondages, defeats and wounds through discovering and embracing your original, God-destined identity.


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