The History of Worship – Complete Online Set


I am excited to present to you our first Online Worship Course called: ‘THE HISTORY OF WORSHIP’ a master video collection of the Biblical History of Worship from the Old and New Testaments. You can purchase the 24 Session DVD Set, complete with important Notes on each class.

This series is an in-depth study of the origin, history, and restoration of Biblical Worship. It provides insights, application, and relevant equipping resources to help enhance the development and lifestyle of a worshiper.

It contains 12 teachings from the Old Testament and 12 from the New Testament. Each lesson is 20 minutes in length and an accompanying study book will be sent to the student. Additional books for larger classes may be purchased through the web site. The book contains the outlines and comments as well as questions for class study.

The Topics covered are:

OLD TESTAMENT                                                    NEW TESTAMENT

1.   Genesis of Worship                                        1.   Birth of Worship

2.   Exodus of Worship                                         2.   Life of Worship

3.   Law of Worship                                              3.   Resurrection of Worship

4.   Warriors of Worship                                      4.   Acts of Worship

5.   Heart of Worship                                           5.   Faith of Worship

6.   Tabernacle of Worship                                  6.   Order of Worship

7.   Kings of Worship                                           7.   Triumph of Worship

8.   Kings of Worship 2                                        8.   Joy of Worship

9.   Idolatrous Worship                                       9.   Priest of Worship

10. Prophets of Worship                                    10. Practice of Worship

11. Captivity of Worship                                    11. Throne of Worship

12. Restorers of Worship                                   12. Eternity of Worship

The desired results of this study for students is:

  1. Understanding the importance of worship to God and ourselves.
  2. A comprehensive view of this major topic throughout scripture.
  3. Insights and inspiration to worship God more effectively.
  4. Encouraging faith to believe for a greater outpouring of His presence.


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