The Glorious Disturbance — E-Book


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The Glorious Disturbance - In E-Book format.

The Glorious Disturbance refers to the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost when the church was launched. It is called the baptism with the Holy Spirit-and it is still available today. In fact, the twentieth century has been called "the century of the Holy Spirit" because the movement in the church worldwide mirrors the initial release of the Holy Spirit on God's people. This present-day baptism has touched more than five hundred million people, generating huge interest in how Christians can experience the same empowerment. Tackling the subject with thorough biblical scholarship and a reader-friendly style, Ernest Gentile helps Christians of all backgrounds understand Holy Spirit baptism more clearly. Is it real? Is it necessary? And what about speaking in tongues? Gentile answers these questions and many more. He shows how important Spirit baptism was in the life of Jesus and in the early church. And he demonstrates scripturally that the empowerment of the Spirit isn't just for biblical times or certain groups of Christians; it's for every one of us.



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