Street Stories By Bobby & Dot Chance



Street Stories By Bobby & Dot Chance

Street Stories is a ringside seat to over 4 decades of taking Jesus to the streets of the world. Pulling no punches, Street Stories is hard-hitting. Authored by Bobby and Dot Chance, it is a rare, insightful look at powerful instances of people on the streets having radical encounters with Jesus. These real-life stories bring the reader up close and personal with broken people on the streets… young runaways, teen prostitutes, homeless people, and others who are desperate for a life-changing experience with Jesus. Street Stories tugs at the heartstrings, each page chipping away at spectator Christianity. “Fasten your seatbelt. Get ready to receive an impartation.” Apostle Dr. Bill Henderson “If you love God, you will love Street Stories. Read it and hit the streets.” Pastor Tommy Barnett “Read this book and allow God to build a holy boldness in you as you fulfill the call of God in your life, and you, too, will have Street Stories to tell.” Dr. Denny Nissley “Bobby &Dot’s Street Stories is something you would read out of the book of Acts. This is a textbook for those who desire to lay down their lives for the cause of Christ.” Prophet Dale Gentry “Street Stories reignited my passion for the power and simplicity of the Gospel.” Pastor Ralph Moore “Every time I try to settle into the comfortable suburban fortress insulating me from all this world’s pain, the image of the Chances running toward it deeply troubles me…but in a very good way.” Pastor Randy Boldt


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