Next Steps 3.0, Discovering My Purpose


In Next Steps 1.0, the goal was to secure our foundation as believers in
Christ and to make sure that as we go forward, our life is truly
established on the ROCK. In Next Steps 2.0, the goal is for us to
consistently move on to maturity in our walk with Christ. Now, in Next
Steps 3.0, our goal is to discover our life purpose and place of ministry
that God has designed for us in the Body of Christ. It is clear from the
word of God that we are all fashioned by God with a purpose in mind. We
have been given gifts, talents, and abilities that are not just for
ourselves, but they have been given to us so that our lives can be a
blessing to others. God has a plan for our life that includes our being an
instrument in God’s hands to extend His kingdom here on earth and to align
with His eternal purpose that was established from the foundation of the
world. Working through this book will help you to discover your destiny.


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