I Appeal To Caesar – Paul Faces Antichrist



This “historical novel” unfolds the exciting story of the Apostle Paul and the first-century spread of Christianity. How could the greatest persecutor of Christianity become the greatest promoter of Jesus Christ?
The storyline is based on known biblical information but also uses reasonable historical interpretation—a blend of real history, sanctified imagination, adventure, and miraculous happenings.
You will meet both actual and fictional characters in the telling of real history. None of the episodes conflict with known Scripture, but of course the telling of incidents, situations and dialogues are products of the author’s imagination and could easily have taken place—especially when compared with the miraculous happenings recorded in the Bible and taking place in today’s Church.

There are at least twenty questions about Paul that have evaded Bible scholars—they will be given interesting and exciting solutions: for instance, “When was Paul born and when did he die?” “Was Paul ever married?” “Did Paul ever meet Jesus as a man?” “Where in Arabia did Paul go for three years?” “What doctrine of Jesus persuaded Paul to persecute Christians?” “What was the “thorn” in his flesh?”
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