Special Mike Herron Combo Pack


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Enjoy a special introductory price on two of Mike Herron’s beloved classic books, “30 Days On The Mount” and “Heart Of A Psalmist” both for only $29.95 + plus if you order before October 1st we will include FREE SHIPPING!! How sweet is that??

30 Days On The Mount by Mike Herron, was written after much study, prayer and contemplation. Mike then compiled an in-depth look at the most powerful sermon Jesus ever preached on earth! 30 Days On The Mount is a 30-Day Devotional Study that will open your heart to the Scriptures and the Teachings of Jesus like never before! You will be deeply touched by this devotional commentary as Mike plumbs the depth of truth that our Savior taught. The Book is excellent for class teaching, sermon preparation and Bible studies as well as devotional reading.

The Heart Of A Psalmist is an outstanding commentary that provides a rich devotional supplement to the Book of Psalms. Mike Herron has been able to express a foundational understanding to the heart of worship in and through his writings because he is not only a Pastor, Teacher, Worship Leader and a Musician extraordinaire, but he is also an Anointed worshipper — our highest privilege!!! Mike provides us with a treasure of valuable information and perspective that enables readers to easily understand and appreciate the essence of each Psalm. This is an absolute “must-have” to be on the bookshelves of every Pastor, Teacher, Worship Leader, Musician and worshipper!!!


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