Resolve Conflict God’s Way — Dr. Bill Graybill



Whether it is with your spouse, your kids, at work or church, conflict is part of your life. It is never comfortable but resolving it God’s way is an essential part of building emotional and spiritual health.

Resolve Conflict God’s Way provided step by step guidance to redemptive conflict resolution and mending broken relationships. Through biblical principles and practical worksheets, you will learn new strategies to resolve conflict.

  • If you are in the middle of conflict, you can make changes by learning:
  • When is it ok to get angry and when is it not ok.
  • How to manage your anger so you do not destroy those you love.
  • How to walk in forgiveness even when the pain is great.
  • How to deal with difficult people with God’s love.
  • When and how to overlook offenses and feel good about it.
  • The ABC’s of confessing your sin so others will forgive you.
  • How to heal relationships by confronting others.
  • When and how to bring others into the process.


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