Outlined Interlinear New Testament — James A. Watt



Atheists and theologians alike have attacked the authenticity of the Holy Bible at regular intervals but none have explained away the mathematical seal beneath its surface. It would seem the Divine hand of God has moved to prevent counterfeiting in the page of the bible in a similar manner to the line that runs through paper money. Bible numeric appears to be God’s watermark of authenticity. It was in 1890 that Panin made the discovery of the mathematical structure underlining the vocabulary of the Greek New Testament. He was casually read verse of the Gospel of John in the Greek: “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with the God and the Word was God…” Panin was curious as to why the Greek word for “the” preceded the word “God” in one case and not the other. In examining the text he became aware of a number relationship. This was the first of the discoveries that led to his conversion and uncovered the extensive numeric code. Panin found his proof in the oldest and most accurate manuscripts-the Received Hebrew Text and the Westcott and Hort Text. In the original languages of the Bible, mostly Hebrew and Greek, there are no separate symbols for numbers; letters of the alphabet are also used to indicate numbers. The numeric value of a word is the sum total of all it’s letters. It was curiosity that first caused Panin to begin toying with the numbers behind the texts. Sequences and patterns began to emerge. These created such a stirring in the heart of the Russian that he dedicated 50 years of his life to painstakingly comb through the pages of the Bible. This complex system of numbering visibly and invisibly saturates every book of the scriptures emphasizing certain passages and illustrating deeper or further meaning in types and shadows. The 66 books of the Bible, 39 in the Old, and 27 in the New, were written by 33 different people. Panin says the laws of probability are exceeded into the billions when we try and rationalize the authorship of the Bible as the work of man. He said: “If human logic is worth anything at all we are simply driven to the conclusion that if my facts I have presented are true, man could never have done this.


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