Healing Your Low Self-Esteem



H E A L I N G  Y O U R  L O W  S E L F-E S T E E M
Pastor Bruce Dowell

“Healing Your Low Self-Esteem” is a book that has been nearly forty years in the making. After many years of counseling and teaching seminars on the subject of low self-esteem, Pastor Bruce has put his knowledge and experience into book form with the hope that many people will find relief, release, and healing from this devastation and brutal condition.

“The secret to success is in the approach and the understanding of what’s at the root of low self-esteem. Secular counseling often focuses primarily on the perpetrators and the cause, and all the while missing the root which is the key for healing. The pastoral counseling that’s offered in the church today often wants to ignore and deny any need that is considered ‘unspiritual’ or simply self-improvement, and often falls under the cliche of ‘read more, and pray more.’ Both approaches miss the mark and consequently they both fail to produce the ‘hoped-for’ results.” -Pastor Bruce

“Healing Your Low Self-Esteem” attacks the very problem of low self-esteem, low self-worth, inadequacy, and inferiority. From the unique position and understanding that these problems and issues are a direct result of sin and therefore they must be dealt with as a sin, it’s exciting to witness this unique and revelation-based approach, and to see so many that are being set free and stay free! Whether you’re a believer or a non-believer, religious or not religious, this approach, which is Biblically based (like the twelve-step programs), will benefit all that take the time to read this book!



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