Encouraged By The Lion Of Judah – Anne Elmer


Following the publication of Transported by The Lion of Judah by the Elijah List in 2004, Anne has received many photos, drawings and paintings of lions from people all over the world. Whilst appreciating each of these gifts, she always insisted that the Lion she sees in her visions is much paler than the Lions depicted in the pictures.

Then one day whilst being driven by a friend along a dirt road in a very small safari park in South Africa, they saw a pride of White Lions. “That’s my Lion” cried Anne, emotionally pointing to the the large male Lion as she realized that the Lion of her visions is a White Lion! This book tells of more recent visions where the Lion of Judah continues to encourage Anne, and the readers too! Her stories will make you smile, laugh, frown, and sometimes be tearful, but they will touch your heart as you identify the things the Lord has shown her with some of the things going on in your life.

Enjoy the journey.


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